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This is my hiding place I like to be creative but lets face it I am too lazy to create I am just reblogging at this point, I might start doing my own again once I get better, who knows, I love Korean Dramas and Kpop some of it but I like other things too... Favorite Actors is Alex O'Loughlin and Favorite Singer and biggest crush my whole life... Chayanne.
But this is my Korean drama site and my Korean music too so
I love FT Island, Big Bang, Cn Blue, Ukiss and Tara, some songs of Super Junior too. My favorite korean actors are Cha Seung Won, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Ki, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Dong Wook, Hong Ki, Kim Sun Ah, Bi Rain, Lee Jun KI and Gong Yoo... too many to name
one thing over a year ago I decided to reblog and post anything Lee Min Ho so be warned...

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Lee Min Ho 1st Album - My Everything Photoshoot 
[Part 1|2|3|4|5|6]

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Gokusen 3

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- You’re nothing to me. All the memories with you, I want to rip it all one by one.
- Can you really say that after seeing this? Then why did you buy this for me.

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What are you doing?
- “Proofs that we’re lovers.”

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“Gong Gi Tae… is my man”.

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